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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Top 10 Essentials For Poolside or The Beach!

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Yes.  It's that time of year.  Bikini season is in full effect.  Whether you're off to the beach or just lounging poolside, we've got a list of essentials you shouldn't leave without!

Let's begin...

10. A Mag (or a Book!)

If you're going to spend a relaxing day at the beach, you might as well grab a couple of your favorite magazines or a book to read while lying on your beach chair or the sand.  The relaxing sounds of the waves and people laughing and playing in the background is the perfect setting for your mind to absorb new information!

9. Sun Hat

And by sun hat, we mean a big exaggerated one! Come on, have some fun with it!  Pretend you're Jennifer Lopez while vacationing in St. Tropez and find a big sun hat that will mysteriously shield your face from the sun's harmful rays.  ...Or, you can wear a cool visor hat...if that's your steez.  Whatevs.

8. Mini Bottle of Baby Powder

Why in the world would you bring baby powder to the beach, you ask?  Easy.  Baby powder is perfect for taking sand off the body.  We especially recommend using it on the feet when you are ready to go home so you won't get sand in your car!

7. Water

"Uhh, there's plenty of water in the ocean/pool already."  Well, duh, we know!  But unless you want to drink salty or chlorine water, we recommend bringing some clean bottled water to stay hydrated.  Your body (and throat) will thank you.

6. Sunnies

You've got to complete the diva look you already started by wearing your huge sun hat with a pair of sunglasses. Whether you opt for huge dark ones or fun and colorful retros, sunglasses are essential.

5. Arm Candy!

Keep it simple, though!  Don't wear your most expensive bracelets, especially if you plan on getting in the water.  We recommend wearing plastic bead bracelets like our Sailor Infinity set.  It's completely okay to have a little bling in the sun!

4. Chancletas

Chan what?!  Chacletas!  That's flip flops in Spanish.  They will protect your feet if the sand/floor is too hot to handle.

3. Waterproof Camera

Not only should you take awesome pictures sun bathing and doing cartwheels, you should also snap some shots underwater!  Bring a waterproof camera with you. If you can't afford a high-tech one, buy a cheap disposable one for a one time use.

2. Music

Bringing an iPod (or any music playing device) is PERF for sun bathing!  Plug in those earbuds, put on those shades, lay back and press play on your favorite playlist.  This action combined with the warmth of the sun and the gentle, salty breeze is better than going to a spa.  Plus, it's free!

1. Sunscreen

This is the number one thing you should bring because your skin needs it for protection.  The sun can cause premature aging of the skin as well as cancer.  Dermatologists recommend you use SPF 15 year-round anyway, so take it up a notch when you're sun bathing and use SPF 30.  Great, now your skin won't look like leather in a couple of years.  You're welcome.

PS. - Don't forget your bathing suit! ;)

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