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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Top 5 Trending Arm Candy Bracelets

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To me, the best arm candy season is summer.  We get to wear short sleeve tops and be playful with color and different styles.  This summer of 2013, we're seeing many variations to the following top 5 bracelets in arm candy sets.  Starting with...

The Infinity Bracelet

This symbol in the shape of a sideways 8 is extremely popular because it represents eternity, forever...infinity.   Many choose to tattoo it onto their bodies while others choose to represent eternal existence on a necklace, a ring or a bracelet.  (see an infinity bracelet in action) There even are variations linking infinity to love.  Which leads us to...

The Love Bracelet

Whether it's in gold, silver or the increasingly popular rose gold - "love" bracelets can add the perfect touch to an arm candy set.  (see a love bracelet in action) Even if mixed with a spiked bracelet or skulls, it can soften up an otherwise punk'ish look.   

The Spike Bracelet

Coming in variations of gold, silver, neon colors and black - spike bracelets are sometimes considered a staple in adding a "filler" bracelet to an arm candy set.  They're edgy yet pretty at once.

The Bow Bracelet

Nothing says girly like a bow.  We love it in our hair, on fabrics, rings, bracelets, necklaces...you name it.  We love it.  (see a bow bracelet in action) Bow bracelets in arm candy sets often are 1 of 2 stand out pieces or the only one.  Sometimes really big ones are perfect and other times when you want simplicity a dainty little bow does the trick.

The Cross Bracelet

The last of the top 5 arm candy bracelets is the cross.  This bracelet is a stand out piece in a set 90% of the time.  Crosses are a sacred symbol in religious beliefs.  (see a cross bracelet in action) However, most people now sport them for glamour rather than for what they truly represent.  They come in all sizes and are usually pretty blinged out.

And there you have it!  You will probably find at least one of these in the arm candy sets for this summer.  They are all fun, they are all trendy.  Have fun mixing and matching!

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